What was planned as a brief update for Sunpro leadership by GWC Capital team members ended up in a lengthy discussion on how the two groups can work together to drive value and business opportunities in Idaho and Utah.

Mitch Dansie, Vice President of Operations, and Rob Behunin, Division Manager of Business Services, toured the new St. George Sunpro truss plant and saw first-hand the level of sophistication and capabilities of the plant. While there are already plenty of Sunpro products in Desert Color, the two groups brainstormed on how to leverage relationships to make sure that Solenté, GWC Capital’s newest development, is also a significant Sunpro customer.

With Sunpro’s expansion into the Boise, Idaho market, the topic of GWC Capital’s other master planned community located in the foothills of Eagle, Idaho, Valnova, came up. Valnova is bringing on 11 new local and regional builders to the project. Two builders are already in the Sunpro portfolio, but there are nine others that the two groups will work with.

GWC Capital is holding a meeting with its builders on December 5 and Sunpro has been invited to attend and present.

“We need to do more collaborating,” Mitch said. “We are highly confident that we can work together to drive value for both companies while we fulfill our mission to builder better relationships and communities—together.”