Valnova recently welcomed five members of the Idaho Legislature for an on-site meeting and guided tour. The visit provided an exclusive look at the ongoing development project for GWC Capital.

Among the attendees were Sen. Chuck Winder, President of the Senate; Sen. Scott Grow, Co-Chairman of the Joint Finance and Appropriations Committee; Rep. Joe Palmer, Chairman of the House Transportation Committee; Rep. James Holtzclaw, Chairman of the House Commerce Committee; and Sen. Treg Bernt.

Jason Kreizenbeck, lobbyist for Clyde Companies (GWC Capital’s parent company), facilitated the tour while highlighting Valnova’s potential as a key community and economic development hub. The legislators’ familiarity with Clyde Companies’ reputation was evident, and their words of confidence reflected the broader community’s trust.

The visit showcased Valnova’s detailed planning and infrastructure progress. Sen. Grow was particularly impressed by the advanced road development taking place even before the finalization of residential buildings, an uncommon sight in Idaho.

Rob Behunin, Division Manager of Business Services at GWC Capital, emphasized the significance of the visit.

“Hosting these legislators at Valnova has proven very valuable,” Rob said. “We’ve been able to engage, share ideas, and help them see firsthand what we’re trying to build. We want them to see the bigger picture—how this project can help our community and economy grow.”

The day’s events bolstered the connection between legislative backing and pioneering projects like Valnova. As GWC Capital forges ahead, such partnerships reinforce the project’s alignment with community advancement and a ‘Higher Standard of Development.’