Business Services Specialist

Kristy is acquainted with many elements of development and construction.  She has abundant exposure to the building process and values the satisfaction which comes from creating.  For Kristy it’s all about building…building relationships, building the community, and building a project.  Kristy helps create and sustain multiple dimensions of value in one of the largest financial and asset markets in the world.   Some of her major strengths include her high expectations for the quality of her work, superior organizational skills, and a keen ability to quickly build rapport and influence people.

Kristy collaborates with city personnel, builders, architects, designers, engineers, and community officials to ensure success throughout the process of land entitlement and development.  Her ability to deal with controversy, without compromising on important issues, allows for a win-win in her business relations.

Prior to joining GWC, Kristy participated in the development of Summit Creek UT, a unique mountain community, and acquired a true love for real estate development.  She received a BS from Southern Utah University and is completing an MRED from the University of Arizona.

Kristy loves being a mom.  Some of her other loves include snow skiing, mountain biking, hiking, and cheering for her children in their pursuits.