GWC Capital made a generous $5,000 donation to the Washington County Children’s Justice Center, a local organization dedicated to supporting children who have been subjected to abuse or neglect. 

The funds were raised through ticket sales and merchandise sold at Holidays at Desert Color, a three-day legacy event. The open-to-the-public festivities featured a variety of activities such as pool deck concerts, a smores village, a petting zoo with reindeer, and a snowball fight area. An entrance fee of $10 per person was collected, and all proceeds went directly to the Washington County Children’s Justice Center. 

After careful consideration, GWC Capital decided to contribute to the Washington County Children’s Justice Center’s cause. The center is currently planning to expand its facilities to better serve the community, and this donation will help fund this expansion and provide additional resources to children in need. 

Before there were Children’s Justice Centers, investigation of child abuse required multiple interviews of child victims by personnel ranging from police officers, attorneys, mental health professionals, social services, and those in the medical profession. These interviews each took place in settings that weren’t familiar or comfortable for the child. 

The Washington County Children’s Justice Center stepped in to help with this problem by providing a homelike environment where a single interview is conducted by a trained professional working together to provide the best-possible outcome for the child and family. The Center has helped around 300 children per year since its inception in 1997. 

GWC Capital plans to continue organizing the Holidays at Desert Color event every other year, not only as an opportunity for the community to have fun, but also to demonstrate its commitment to directly supporting local causes. GWC Capital is committed to Building a Better Community and making a positive impact in people’s lives.